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Sunrise Sanitation has been in the garbage collection business for over forty years. Their company was founded by Stuart G. Thayer, Jr., a native of the once booming coal town of Coketon, WV. Mr. Thayer pioneered the first garbage collection in many areas of Tucker, Grant and Randolph Counties in West Virginia.

Today, they boast all of the high-tech collection vehicles, shop and office equipment and facilities as the major collection companies in the world. Recycling has been an important service that they’ve been offering over the recent years, which has proven very successful.

They handle residential, business and jobsite waste disposal, recover different types of materials, and do recycling. Their main focus is on sustainability, and no one else in the area is doing that. Over the years, they’ve expanded the area they serve and the services offered.

105 S. 2nd St, Second Floor, Ste. 4
Oakland, MD 21550